Our vision

A society where all children, youths and women everywhere grow and flourish to maximize their potentials

Our mission

To create and develop a safe and balanced community where social, economic, cultural and moral development is encouraged for all women, youths, and children - with extra focus on the Boy Child such that their capabilities are unleashed to maximize their potentials

An ignored boy child is more dangerous
than an ignored girl child....

- Kabelo Chabalala, the founder of The Young Men Movement
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Area of


Gifting Education (GIFT.E): 

We commit to provide quality education for Every Child through Books, School Wears, Hygiene for Girl Child, Feeding, and exploration in learning opportunities. Our primary targets are children in public schools in rural communities

Keep Off Streets (K.O.S.T):

With K.O.S.T, we are pushing a campaign to reduce out of school children number by reintegrating children into basic education system and keeping them there to completion.

Talent on Wings (T.O.W):

Through T.O.W, we facilitate healthy competitions, build self-esteem and confidence, create healthy experiences and exposure for children in public schools, and out of school children through needed and blended activities like debates, essay competitions, tech ideas and solutions skills acquisition


Nurture LIFE (N.LIFE):

We facilitate better health care and hunger prevention services to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and persons in underserved communities; and build their skills and competencies to improve their lives through the Nurture Life (N.LIFE) project

Skill up Tool up (S.U.T.U)

We seek to improve the economic wellbeing and outcomes for our target audience through the S.U.T.U project by Equipping Youths for Decent Working Opportunities, Vocational Skills Building, Life Skills Building and Entrepreneurial Skills Building

Marusen Mentoring and Training Program (MMTP)

We provide Mentoring and building capacity for youths and women on relevant life issues helping them to maximize their potentials and achieve desired goals. MMTP facilitates access to quality mentors, support group, and other resources to achieve this goal.


Gender Based Violence

We Provide education, enlightenment, and relevant support to help increase and improve positive outcomes for victims of GBV through working and partnering with other organizations.  At the National and local level, we leverage on the VAPP act as a key policy instrument to engage on Child Trafficking, Child Abuse and Molestation, Rape and Sexual Violence that affects our target audience.

A major strategy for us at MARUSEN to address this issue is through adequate, appropriate and custom based approach education and training of Men and Boys


Champions for Strong Communities (CSC):

AT MARUSEN, we believe that the impacts we desire to create can become sustainable IF there is a broader level of shared ownership and community participation of citizens who champions these acts of change and make it a norm. As such, with CSC, we are raising “communities of volunteers” in local communities across different locations (States) whose responsibility is to champion, promote, and monitor and sustain the result of change in their communities as facilitated by MARUSEN and relevant development agencies.


MARUSEN operates an open door policy regarding partnership and collaboration with relevant organizations in the advocacy, and pursuit for development across our target thematic areas.