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The Many Wonders Of MARUSEN Foundation

MARUSEN Foundation, a Foundation which envisions a society where all youths and women, particularly the boy-child, receive adequate attention, whose mission is to create a safe, balanced community for youths where social, economic, cultural and moral development is encouraged has been involved in meritorious activities, and their inputs has been felt.

Over the years, this foundation has overtaken various initiatives, consolidating on their core duties, which is to reduce inequality, promote a safe, balanced and crime-free society.

MARUSEN Foundation understands the need to reorient and explore various solutions to issues affecting the children of both genders, which they have judiciously done this through helping the indigent children, especially the male child get off the street with the promise of a better life.

The foundation has seen many children leave the street through engaging them in Fashion Design,
Barbing/Hair, Decoration, and lots of other vocational skills.

MARUSEN Foundation can make bold to say that through them, so many children have been trained, helped to get off the streets, and established in the various skilled listed above.

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